Formal wear

From our collection you can find almost everything you need to look classy and elegant. Now we also have the wing collar and dress shirts in our selection.

Bow ties, neck ties and pocket squares

  1. Wide selection of colors
  2. Bow ties with and without pocket squares
  3. We also manufacture pre-tied bow ties


  1. Wide selection of colors
  2. We also manufacture cummerbunds according to customers’ requirements eg for choirs and other groups

Waistcoats and other accessories for white tie

  1. Waistcoats, both white and black, for kids too
  2. Sizes S-XXXL, other sizes also on request
  3. Buttons for wing collar shirts and waistcoats
  4. White and black gloves
  5. White scarves

Patterned waistcoats

  1. Patterned waistcoats in trendy colors
  2. Traditional silver-gray and black waistcoats
  3. We also make plastrons, “elephants”, bow ties and neck ties from the same material

Tiepins and cufflinks

  1. Classic models and trendy new styles

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