Silk or polyester?

The best ties are made of pure silk or wool. Woven silk ties are all over the world held the most admired ones. However, even if the label says the tie is 100% silk it doesn’t mean that the tie would be entirely made out of silk. The supporting material inside the tie is often not mentioned.

Silk has always been considered the noblest and the most beautiful material. Silks used in ties are mainly produced by the larvae of the mulberry silkworm in countries like China, Thailand, Korea, India and Japan. Silk is also woven in Italy and France.

Polyester ties are perhaps somewhat more pragmatic choice as they are more durable and less expensive alternative. Polyester sorts have evolved greatly in recent times. Microfiber is a popular material in ties as it’s thinner than other synthetic fabrics. It is also very durable and care-free material.

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