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Matex aims to produce high quality domestic ties for the demanding and time following consumers. We are one of the northernmost tie factories in the world and maintain the high level of domestic expertise and quality craftsmanship using our own 15 dressmakers. Our goal is to provide quality conscious consumers high quality and unique ties. The patterns and colors follow international trends without forgetting the Scandinavian taste. We purchase the high quality materials from our long term partners in Europe.

High-quality unique products

Matex ties have become familiar to many consumers through being high quality, unique and a domestic product. Our collection changes and renews all the time. We manufacture only 40 ties out of a single fabric, a fact also found on the label. The quality of the manufacturing process is controlled during all steps from cutting the fabric to wrapping up the package..

Matex Ltd’s products have the domestic quality

Association for Finnish Work has granted Matex Oy the key flag symbol of origin. With the help of the symbol, the consumers instantly know that the product or service has been produced in Finland. Key Flag is a registered and controlled label of origin.

Company history

Matti Nurmi established Matex Oy with her mother in 1955. In the beginning all the ties were hand-made, but eventually sewing machines and special machines were purchased and production truly started. All the leading specialty shops started selling Matex-ties and an own shop called “Tie Bar Matti Nurmi” was also launched in Turku. The business was profitable and the owners were considering expanding to other clothing and constructing an own industrial building. However, the expansion of the garment industry was abandoned as Matti Nurmi acquired the ownership of other companies and Nurmi-companies became a true multi-purpose company.

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